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Ceridian is a leading provider of HR compliance products and services. We offer a complete suite of easy-to-use, easy-to-understand solutions covering a wide range of compliance topics that are of top concern for today's HR professionals and business owners.


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NEW Worker Classification Tool and Employment Law Reference Package

HR Compliance Independent Contractor and the Overtime Eligible classification web-based tools reduce compliance risks by guiding you to correct determinations whether workers are independent contractors for employment tax, benefit plan, and mandatory compensation purposes and whether employees may be treated as exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements.

The tools provide clear and concise explanations of applicable government agency tests, fillable forms to document and record all pertinent data and assessments, and helpful guides, tips, and examples.

Also included in the package:
  • HR Compliance Basic Fifty State Employment Law Reference
  • The Employment Law Update Service

Email hrc_service_team@ceridian.com for more product information.

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